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-DOCT Judge Intro- Hatter Log 1 by ReshiDaVanci
-DOCT Judge Intro- Hatter Log 1
Well... This was supposed to be delivered months ago, I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyways, say hello to our beloved Hatter! I'd love to add audio to the picture as a whole but I wasn't able to, its alright... Vocaroo did a nice job too :'D

I suggest listening to his first log:

In case nobody understand my silly accent and forced tone and laughs-- Cuz they were forced :'D--I will leave you with the dialogue in here. Enjoy!

“Ahhh… What a beautiful day… The skies are gloomy, the roses are dead and the Pokemon around are biting off the remains of the last ones… Simply fantastic… *laughs* Fantastic. Oh…? What is it my dear Simon? *laughs* enjoying the sight? Might as well just sit in this throne and act all kingly, but I guess the hat suits me better than the crown am I right?

*sigh* I’m getting bored… Should we go and pay a visit to our dear friends? It's been a while since I've talked to Katerina. Such a strong and beautiful knight, highly intelligent too, did I said strong and beautiful already? I did? Oh okay. Sadly, she thinks this world is as good as it gets. What a waste of potential... *laugh*

Then we have the mighty Emperor, the Emperor! …What’s with him anyways? Going all vague and silent with his “Enforcer”… I can’t lie though; I really enjoyed that blood fest *laugh*.

Next is the cute, innocent little blue riding hood, Aisha... Such a pure individual, bringing her prayers of the gods to the souls that are all suffering a common fate. If only she knew why Arceus abandoned the world, so many questions would be answered but noooo she doesn’t know anything… That’s lame.

"And then have the living enigma, the silly Pumpkin Head. Even the Hatter does not understand him, *laugh*… Pumpkin Head you silly… Hmm? What is it Simon? Are you bored already? Is the ancient and mysterious Lyshia region not good enough for you?

… Fine. Why not inviting some people over then…? Might as well do something for our enjoyment… So go on my dear Simon.. Look for worthy people, the world is at stake… And we don’t want our King to be waiting much longer do we? *crazy laugh*”

The Hatter is part of :icondecadence-oct: and (c) of me ReshiDaVanci :iconreshidavanci:

Hello! This will be a rather short journal so.... Let's go with it :'D

I am so sorry for not being as active as I'd love to. I have started University and its going hard and harsh with works and stuff, not to mention the fact I've been doing exercise and started practicing Parkour so... My entire body is literally blaming over my decisions of having a more healthy life xD

I should be doing homework right now... But lemme do this one really quick = w=;;;; I owe some stuff that I need to work on and the following are:

- DOCT Special Thing. (DONE)
- Massive Burst Characters Drawing.
- Kiriban for that guy (sorry, I'm in kind of a rush in here :'D) that I haven't forgotted :'D (Ness is so hard to draw omfg)
- Work on my Nuzlocke... which well. Its as good as ded for now. (Hey characterization is not easy lol)
- Aaaand last but not least some drawings I really wanna work on... count 3.

So Imma just say that I'm okay, I'm fine, but I have been really busy lately. That's all friends, thanks for reading :'D
Selfie Tag Thing by ReshiDaVanci
Selfie Tag Thing
Well then, looks like I got tagged by :iconcoconutjess:

This was fun, enjoy my sexy and hot silly face while you can XD

Someone will start the game. They will post a selfie, and tag at least 3 people.
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. 
If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over or be passed onto someone else.


:iconuniqueneko: :iconmarche-towers: :iconnintendopie: :iconjutopa: :iconjsunny: :iconkumateddi: :iconkefkloud: :iconaithekitsune:
''I'm the brains I guess...'' by ReshiDaVanci
''I'm the brains I guess...''
"... So how about if we all escape to the moon? o3o"

Just a silly sketch about a Zombie Apocalypse team that me and my Genius friends joked about. Apparently I am the brains/strategy guy so no visible weapons for me... Unless its possible to kill zombies with a map and barely believable knowledge.

And because no zambie apocalypse pic is real without blood or splats, I showered myself in some rotten, shitty and disgusting undead blood for your enjoyment, next one will be myself in a red speedo ready to jump to a pool full of crocodiles.

Also, holy damn I'm very tanny, I didn't realized it until I started coloring lol.

Art is (c) of me ReshiDaVanci 
Sometimes, you just wish people to act like their age for once :U


Dan or Danny
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Hello there! I'm Dan.
Nice to meet you!

Well hello there! The name is Dan, nice to meet ya ;D

I consider myself a pretty good artist, being drawing seriously for 3 years has made me learn and improve my skills drastically. I'm all chitchat and I am always here if you need anything, being advice, just talk, or just going for the lols ;D

I used to be a BIG Sonic The Hedgehog drawer, so my gallery will mostly be filled with fanart of him, I am now concentrating in drawing Pokemon and anime, my dream is to become a great mangaka or an Ilustrator so I can share with the world my story, something I've been taking care of since I can remember. Be sure to check out my gallery, who knows, you might get surprised! ;D

You should totally check these guys, they are my friends and I do care of them a lot, they are awesome! (not in a set order btw...)

What's that? You wanna be a friend of mine? Really now?
I really don't want to burst your bubble, but you can't just "ask" to be friends with someone. Try talking to me and just being nice, it could take you somewhere ;D

These guys are amazing. I still don't get why you're not watching them now.
:iconsweecrue::iconthrillofthehunt::iconphotoshopismykung-fu::iconmylafox::iconhazard-the-porgoyle::iconyardley: :iconherms85::icondarkspeeds::iconrhythmax::iconhypervon::iconvelink:

:bulletred: Art Trade with StinkiesDraws - Haven't Started.
:bulletorange: Page 2 of Black Truth - Finishing sketches, starting inks.
:bulletgreen: Kiriban for G0ttam - Started sketching.
:bulletblue: Character Reference Sheet and Audition for
:iconwalkingcityoct: - Almost done with the sketch!

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